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Services post-sale


In addition to the sale of water purification solutions with our mobile units, we offer complementary maintenance services, parts, supplies and satellite monitoring for Galmobile systems.


We provide all comprehensive technical support for Galmobile units. We have at our clients’ disposal a complete engineering network located in different countries, ready to meet the preventive and corrective maintenance needs required by the water purification system, as well as the mobile platform, for optimal performance.


We have all the parts that the system uses to replace those that meet their useful life cycle. Contact us to offer you comprehensive advice.


We offer the full range of supplies that the operation of the Mobile Water Purification System requires. We provide filtration filters, ultrafiltration and other elements necessary to develop water purification processes.

Remote monitoring

We provide the 24/7 satellite monitoring service of each unit, to know in detail the traceability of its performance. Our control and analysis center monitors each unit and has the ability to identify online and in real time, its location, performance, working hours, functionality of the different systems and in general, all the operational statistical report.