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Versatile and Compact

Galmobile is a compact and versatile system, coupled on a 4 × 4 mobile platform, in which different technologies converge, integrated through software with artificial intelligence applications that control the electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components, with which they are developed the physical and chemical processes that filter, ultrafilter and desalinate water of different origins.

ISRAELI Engineering

at the highest level

Efficient and immediate solution


Ideal for serving remote communities or for emergency use in the event of natural disasters.


Operates 24 hours


Per day, it purifies up to 37,000 gallons of fresh water or 5,300 gallons of seawater.


It is very light, weighing only one ton.


Easy portability, by land, air, sea or river.


It can be transported by helicopter and unloaded at a minimum height from the air anywhere.

Robust Platform

Platform is robust, easy to operate and maintain.

Internet monitoring

It can be controlled and monitored through any smart device connected to the internet.

Minimize Costs

Reduces purification costs, unlike traditional systems.

Eradicate Risks

By providing pure water, it eradicates the risks of diseases associated with the consumption of raw water.


Due to its low consumption of fuel and electrical energy, it is friendly to the environment