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About us

About us?

We are Galmobile S.A., representative in the Americas and the Caribbean of the Israeli company, G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. and exclusive distributor of its water solutions for the region.

G.A.L .. Water Technologies Ltd. is a company based in Caesarea, Israel, with more than 27 years of experience in providing water treatment systems for the industrial, agricultural and consumer life sectors.

Israeli technology characterizes, designs, implements and operates various water systems based on clean technologies, with successful results in various countries where it has reached with its advanced technologies.


G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd.

Emphasizes the importance of the first stage in the characterization of the project: the feasibility study, in technical, procedural and financial terms. To achieve this, and to ensure customer satisfaction, the company has developed special tools and simulations dedicated to project planning in the field of water treatment. These tools facilitate the detailed design with high precision in the calculations, during the initial stages, allowing our client to anticipate the complete solution, its configuration and mainly the exact cost in an efficient and substantial way.